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Welcome to Our Black Ancestry!

Our Black Ancestry Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for African American genealogical research, preserving historic materials and properties, and promoting healing of wounds that are the legacy of slavery. Our primary activity is sponsorship of this Our Black Ancestry (OBA) website.
We help members explore the family histories of 12+ million people kidnapped from Africa -- 500,000+ of whom were brought to what is now the United States. Upon Emancipation, our ancestors numbered 4+ million people. Today, we are a community 46+ million strong.
We seek to reunite African descended people with their family roots and relations. We do this by combining the efforts of African American researchers with those of descendants of people who enslaved us.
Much of our website is available for FREE. To be more deeply involved, we encourage you to become a MEMBER, which costs $25 per year. Members receive benefits including a personal profile page, access to surname and DNA databases, and resource links. One of the greatest benefits is PRIVACY. We will not use, share or profit from anything you contribute to our site.
What you will find in the PUBLIC space:
WEBSITE -- Compendium of information (updated annually)
TUTORIALS -- Instructions for novice family historians
FACEBOOK -- Peer community for sharing information & posting research queries
In the MEMBER space, you get MORE! 
MEMBER PROFILES -- Searchable surname & DNA databases
RESOURCES -- â€‹Links to resources pertinent to family history research
DNA - Database with thousands of names
RESEARCHERS - Database with thousands of names
SLAVEHOLDERS -- Database of large slaveholder surnames
CONNECTIONS -- Descendants of slaveholders looking to connect

 Become a Member!

Create a personal member profile, connect with others researching your family surnames, share DNA results, view hidden files.
Even if you limit participation to Facebook group, membership in the OBA website community is important.
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